NSW Bishops regret cuts to all NSW schools

September 12, 2012 3:26 pm
“The Catholic Bishops of NSW believe the Australian community needs to spend more rather than less on education across the board if our young people are to have the opportunities they deserve,” the Chairman of the Catholic Education Commission of New South Wales, Bishop Anthony Fisher, said today.
“We therefore regret the cuts to all NSW schools, both government and non-government, that the NSW government has announced today. The Catholic Bishops recognise that in tough economic times governments need to be fiscally responsible, but trust that as soon as economic circumstances allow the state of New South Wales will restore and increase its contribution to the education of every child in NSW.”
“The Bishops appreciate that the Premier, Education Minister and government have listened to the loud and urgent voice of Catholic school parents, teachers and the community over the past few days and has responded constructively. The cuts announced today appear to be distributed more fairly than those mooted last week,” Bishop Fisher said.
The capping from 2013/4 of the pool of government funds from which grants are paid to Catholic schools will obviously put pressure on Catholic school financing, especially as enrolments continue to increase in future years and educational costs rise.
However, Catholic school authorities will act to maximise the value of grants in ways that ensure fee increases for Catholic school families are minimised and any impacts on teaching and school services do not unduly compromise the quality of education for students. Determining the exact resourcing for individual schools and school systems are matters for local decision. It is too early to forecast the impact on individual schools for 2013 and beyond.
“This is not about non-government versus government schools: we don’t want cuts to any schools and the sooner we can return to improving funding to all schools the better. We will continue to press for this on behalf of Catholic school parents and the children of New South Wales,” Bishop Fisher said.
Bishop Anthony Fisher OP
Chairman, Catholic Education Commission of New South Wales