New Website for Parish Pastoral Councils

February 24, 2011 9:16 am
Good News for Parish Pastoral Councils
Are you a member of your Parish Pastoral Council?
You probably have many questions, such as: Why do we have PPCs? What do they do? What is my role?
How should the meetings be run?
Now the Australian Catholic Bishops have provided answers to these questions and many more on their
new website for Parish Pastoral Councils.
Log on at to see and hear the Bishop of Wagga Wagga, Gerard
Hanna, explain that the new website can help you with formation, resources, meeting processes,
prayers and much more.
"If you are thinking of setting up a new Parish Pastoral Council, or reviewing or reforming an existing
Council, or you just want to help your PPC work better for the good of your Parish, I am confident that
this new website will help you," said Bishop Hanna.
"It presents clear information and advice in a straightforward way about the roles, functions and
responsibilities of Parish Pastoral Councils and their members, suggestions for setting up PPCs and for
their operations, and an FAQ section for commonly asked questions. It also explains some of the theology
behind the concept of PPCs and their relationship to the Parish Priest.
Bishop Gerard said that he had been working for some time with a working group established by the
Australian Catholic Bishops Conference to look at ways of supporting PPCs and their membership in
their important roles. The working group will continue to develop and refine the website and will also be
looking further at resource needs for the formation of PPC members.
So check out the PPC website and see what you can learn to the benefit of your Council and your Parish.