Students and Parents to challenge funding cuts

March 17, 2010 12:22 pm
Special Support School students and parents to challenge funding cuts
Catholic Special Schools from around the country will do a walk from Old to New Parliament House in Canberra on Thursday March 18 to challenge funding cuts to disability education.
The visit is being coordinated by Principal of St Lucy’s School (Wahroonga), Jo Karaolis, to raise awareness of recent funding cuts to educational institutions that provide for people with intellectual disabilities.
“We are doing this because a recent cut in our funding made us realise how vulnerable we are. Non-government special schools need stability of funding that addresses their chronic operating deficits”, said Jo.
Already, meetings have been organised with key politicians including Education Minister Julia Gillard and Labor MP Maxine McKew.The contingent will also meet with Shadow ministers Christopher Pyne and Mitch Fifield.
Jo Karaolis said that the walk will be a wonderful witness of people with disabilities’ rich contribution to Australian educational institutions and an opportunity for people to see first-hand the effects of funding cuts on these vulnerable institutions.
“It is essential that we place as much emphasis and value on Catholic education for students with disabilities as those in the mainstream”, she said.
The walk will begin at Old Parliament House and will conclude at New Parliament House, where the students will sing “We are Australian”.
Students and parents involved in the contingent will be instantly recognisable, wearing t-shirts displaying the slogan “Are we are part of the education revolution?”