St. Luke eConference

September 30, 2009 12:13 pm
Second National eConference to focus on St Luke
The enormously successful Year of St Paul eConference, which statistics show may have reached more than 30,000 people around Australia and the world, is to be followed up in November with a fresh new eConference, entitled, “St Luke: Come to the Table”.
The St Luke eConference, to be held on Wednesday, November 4, will again be a joint initiative of The Broken Bay Institute (BBI) and the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference.
Keynote presenters will be scripture scholars, Archbishop Mark Coleridge and Dr Elizabeth Dowling RSM.
Archbishop John Bathersby, the Chairman of the Bishops Commission for Mission and Faith Formation, said the success of the St Paul eConference had demonstrated a thirst for this style of delivery for quality adult faith education.
“Some of the feedback has been extraordinary,” Archbishop Bathersby said. “People in parishes, schools, Religious Orders, Catholic agencies and other groups all came together to take advantage of what was a wonderfully stimulating program.”
“The terrific thing was that the people right out in the smallest parishes in the bush were able to share in the same quality program as those who gathered in the city and that simply hasn’t happened before.
“We are delighted to tap into this enthusiasm and to offer a new eConference on St Luke, which we are sure will be just as well received.”
The Director of The Broken Bay Institute, Dr Gerard Goldman said the St Paul eConference had proven to be much more than a one-day experience.
“In the six weeks following the event, nearly 2500 new groups logged-on to watch in Australia alone, not to mention a further 200 groups from New Zealand; around 150 from the US; and 50 from Ireland, Canada and the UK,” Dr Goldman said.
“Including the day itself, more than 6000 computers have logged on to the event. Group numbers varied from individuals at home on their computer to parish and university settings where over 200 people gathered for a facilitated day of learning, reflection, friendship and prayer.”
Dr Goldman said of those who responded to the feedback form, more than 90 per cent agreed that all sessions of the eConference were informative and engaging and 96 per cent said they would participate in further eConferences and would encourage others to take part as well.
“In light of that, we are very excited to be presenting the second National eConference on St Luke and we look forward to continuing to serve the Church in Australia with a range of similar initiatives into the future, with already two further eConferences in the pipeline for next year.”
For more information about the St Luke eConference, please contact Virginia Ryan at The Broken Bay Institute on 02 9847 0556.