Prayer for Australia Needed

January 25, 2011 8:24 pm
Tuesday 25 January 2011
Prayer for Australia really needed on our national day
Every Catholic parish in Australia is being asked to pray for Australia as we celebrate our national day on Wednesday 26 January 2011. Parishes throughout Australia have received special prayer cards with a “Prayer for Australia” to mark the occasion.
The prayer cards, produced by the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference, were sent to parishes in early January by the National Office for Evangelisation (NOE).
The National Office for Evangelisation, an agency of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference, has been given a mandate to assist and support the Australian Bishops in their work of promoting and developing works of evangelisation, with sensitivity to the great diversity of cultures and environments present across Australia, and giving special attention to Catholics who are not connected with the life of the Church.
Director of the NOE, Mrs Marita Winters, said, “So many Australians are suffering as a result of the devastating floods in communities right across the country, with lives lost and homes and livelihoods destroyed. It is very timely that Australia and her people are remembered in prayer.
“Many parishes have responded positively and embraced this special prayer at this time. The prayer includes the following invocation: ‘You invite everyone to share in your life made available to us in Jesus’. It is our hope that all Australians will be renewed in Spirit on Australia Day 2011.”
The prayer can be found at: