Moral Roadmap

August 18, 2009 4:38 pm
New book offers moral roadmap
Catholic Health Australia CEO Martin Laverty today launched Christian Conscience, a publication designed to guide health care practitioners through moral dilemmas in an increasingly complex world.

Written by Father Norman Ford, one of Australia’s leading theologians and ethicists, the book explores the challenges presented to practitioners of Catholic health and aged care by emerging moral and ethical dilemmas posed by the rapid introduction of new medical technologies.


“In an historically short space of time, the field of bioethics has become awash with moral challenges,” Mr Laverty said.


“For those working in Catholic health and aged care, Fr Norman Ford’s timely work, Christian Conscience, offers thoughtful and well crafted guidance on following our conscience—sticking to moral principles—in today’s increasingly secular and ethically challenging health and aged care environment.”


The book was launched at the CHA National Conference in Hobart – a gathering of 400 hospital and aged care professionals from across Australia.


“In putting together this work, Fr Norman has drawn on his decades of experience as one of Australia’s leading theologians and ethicists,” Mr Laverty said.


“An informed conscience is a great ally in a complex world. Christian Conscience will help its readers maintain a sure ethical footing.”