Maps and Boundaries

Boundaries of the Diocese of Lismore

Comprising the territory of portion of the eastern coast district of New South Wales from Point Danger (Lat 28 10’S, long 153 33’E) on the Queensland border to Diamond Head (Lat 32 43’s, Long 153 33’E), including Lord Howe Island, South Pacific Ocean (Lat. 31 36’S Long 159 05’E). From Point Danger westerly along the Queensland border to Mount Lindesay (Lat 28 S, Long 152 30’E; from the western base of Mount Lindesay southerly to Mount Seaview (Lat 31 20’S, Long 152 10’E) thence by a straight line to the confluence of the boundaries of the Lismore, Maitland and Armidale Dioceses, being Graeme Trigonometrical Station- Ralfes Peak-(Lat 31 28’s, Long 152 09’E), thence easterly following the boundary of the Maitland Diocese being a series of straight lines passing through Mount Gibraltar (Lat 31 28’S, Long 152 26’E) to Vincent Tower Lookout (Lat 31 45’E, Long 152 34’E) to the coast at Diamond Head.