Lismore Diocesan Pastoral Council

Students holding their handmade crosses during meditation at St Brigid's, KyogleThe Vision of the Diocesan Pastoral Council

With all the baptized we are called to be active in the life and mission of the Church.

The Lismore Diocesan Pastoral Council believe that the kingdom of God will be promoted if we are people who…..


We are called to an ongoing renewal and relationship with God and to sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Therefore we attempt to:

  • Live out the Gospel values
  • Encourage one another in our faith
  • Lead by example
  • Promote open discussion of relevant issues
  • Foster a sense of direction and vision


We are people who are called to wise and faithful stewardship of our resources.

Therefore we value:

  • Faith based decision making
  • Open honest communication
  • Development through growth in faith and spirituality
  • Willingness to enter into dialogue with sensitivity and humility
  • A sense of justice that serves to empower people
  • An attitude of acceptance and outreach to all


We are people revealing the kingdom through our care for one another in service.

Therefore we:

  • Respect the dignity of all
  • Stand with the poor and oppressed
  • Support family values


As a community of disciples we are called to use our gifts in partnership for the mission of Jesus.

Therefore we:

  • Value diversity and openness of communication
  • Value the importance of mutual support through our regular gatherings
  • Recognise that conflict is an integral part of dialogue and that through facing it honestly we reach a new level of truth
  • Acknowledge that success and failure are opportunities for growth and conversion


We are disciples of Jesus who come together to celebrate the presence of God among us.

Therefore we:

  • Celebrate the Eucharist
  • Pray together
  • Discuss and share our faith, hopes and concerns
  • Draw life, energy and encouragement from our gatherings

Diocesan Pastoral Council 2009-2011



Members elected by Parish Pastoral Councils or of a Parish representative body. Congregational Leaders of the Sisters of Mercy and Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Up to four (4) priests from the Diocese appointed by the Bishop. No more than six (6) members who may be appointed by the Bishop.

Welcome to the new Members of the Council:
Sr Margaret Mary Cogan (Presentation Sisters), Patrick Holt (Byron/Bangalow), Lynn Pull (Grafton), John Sheridan (Lismore), Joy Ryan (South Lismore), Monika O’Keeffe (Maclean), Cheryl Hughes (Sawtell), Carmel Hong (Nambucca Valley), Veronica Martin (Coraki), Laurie Stott (Kingscliff) and Elizabeth Crane (Bellingen).

Executive of Council:

The new Executive of the Council for the next 3 years:

  • Bishop Geoffrey Jarrett
  • Rev. Deacon Graeme Davis
  • Mrs Margaret Condon (Chair)
  • Mr Marcel Mangelsdorf (Northern Deanery Rep)
  • Mrs Caroline Thompson (Central Deanery Rep)
  • Mr Brian English (Southern Deanery Rep)
  • Mr Adam Sullivan (Youth Rep)
  • Sr Margaret Keane rsj (Rel. Rep)
  • Br Robert Speare fms (Rel. Rep)
  • Mrs Mary McNamara (Secretary)


Phone: 02 6622 0407
Fax: 02 6621 9960