Camden Haven (Laurieton)

March 20, 2015 4:42 pm

St Peter the Fisherman Church, Laurieton
St John the Evangelist Church, Kendall

Parish Address:
421 Ocean Drive, Laurieton
PO Box 133
Laurieton 2443
Phone:    (02) 6559 8354
Fax:    (02) 6559 6457
Easter Services:
Sunday 14th April – Passion Sunday:
5.30pm Vigil, Laurieton
7.30am Laurieton
9.00am Kendall
Thursday 18th April – Holy Thursday:
7.00pm, Laurieton (Mass of Last Supper, Exposition until 9.00pm at Altar of Repose)
Friday 19th April – Good Friday:
3.00pm, Laurieton
Saturday 20th April – Easter Vigil:
7.00pm, Laurieton
Sunday 21st April – Easter Sunday:
7.30am, Laurieton
9.00am, Kendall
For Easter Mass times see Parish Website: